Paper Chains (colored)

Paper chains are a fun, easy craft for kids to make at home! They can use their creativity without adult help!

You only need paper and glue or tape! Colored construction paper works best, and you can find it here: You can also use colored markers and pencils if you want, or stickers and decorating stuff!

Start by cutting your paper into 5 strips lengthwise, also known as hot dog style! You can decorate them if you would like! Take one strip of paper. Now tape/glue both ends of that paper together into a circle. It should look like an “o”. Now put another paper strip in the loop and make it into a circle. Glue/tape the ends together. Now the loops should be connected like a chain. Keep on adding more paper strips until the chain is as long as you want.



I am a kid crafter who wants to share my ideas!

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