Modern Calligraphy

Modern Calligraphy

Modern Calligraphy is a very simple writing style that has been trending. It is a calligraphy style, but much, much easier. You can use this writing style to impress friends, write letters, make banners, and much more! Look below to see a wonderful example!

If you want to get the supplies I have recommended please use the links below! It will be the same price but if you use those specific links, I will be able to post more arts/crafts ideas!!

The best kind of pens to use for Modern Calligraphy are the Crayola Signature Brush and Detail markers. Other brush pens work also, but these are the best of the best, and I find them to produce some really nice work. You can find them at:

Now let’s get started!

Start by practicing up and down strokes. Your upstroke should be very thin, while your downstroke should be nice and thick. Start to put them together in a sort of squiggly line. It’s okay if it doesn’t look perfect because it isn’t supposed to, and looks better that way. Now try singular cursive letters with these free printable practice sheets: or Remember, practice makes perfect!


Now, with the Crayola brush and detail pens, they are dual tip and slightly different colors. A simpler way to do modern calligraphy is to do a cursive outline with the fineliner tip, and then go over the downstrokes with the brush pens. Watch this video as an example:

After you have practiced modern calligraphy for a while, you’ll begin to find your own style. Use these practice sheets to try different styles using words you know, the months of the year:

Modern Calligraphy!

Charlotte H.

Charlotte H.

My name is Charlotte Harvey, and I am a crafter!

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow, I really like this post! I love modern calligraphy and could not figure out how to do it, but this post helped a lot! Thanks again!

    1. Charlotte

      Thanks! I’m glad it was a big help! Modern Calligraphy is awesome, and these simple crafts and things you can do NOW are great! Check them all out!

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