MAKE-YOUR-OWN Stickers!!

MAKE-YOUR-OWN Stickers!!

Stickers are nice to put everywhere, but sticker printing machines are expensive. Read below to find out how to make stickers without such expense.

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1: Clear Stenciled Stickers

Have you ever wanted to make your very own sticker(s) but you don’t have a printer? Well for this doitcraft, you only need 4 supplies. Parchment (baking) paper, clear tape (preferably packing tape), Scissors, and (a) colored pencil(s).

Start by coloring a design on the parchment paper. Another great thing about parchment paper is you can trace a design by putting the design under the paper. After you are done with the art, then cover the design with tape. Make sure to leave room around the design! Then cut out your design and there you go! To use the sticker peel off the parchment paper from the tape.

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2: Color Printed Stickers

To use this kind, you need to print out whatever design you would like, using the same supplies above, just without a pencil.

Print out your design. Put packing tape directly on the parchment paper roughly the size of the picture/design. Put your design on the tape, and then secure it with another layer like it shows in the picture above.


Charlotte H.

Charlotte H.

My name is Charlotte Harvey, and I am a crafter!

2 thoughts on “MAKE-YOUR-OWN Stickers!!

  1. Art Guru

    I ran into a problem. I put the stickers on my hydro flask and 3 weeks later they started to peel off.

    1. Charlotte

      Hi! As all stickers peel off, homemade ones tend to peel off very slightly faster than machine made ones. Fortunately, homemade ones can be made over and over again! Also, putting the stickers on flat surfaces can keep for over a year!

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